Dear Bella……………..a beautiful heart gone too soon!!

Bella should never had been used as a breeding bitch. She was small for her breed and possibly a runt of a litter. After multiple pregnancies and only a few live pups, she was picked up by myself to find a new life with a family who would show her the love she needed. This task was easily achieved, but the sad fact was to surface soon after, as to how poorly she had been treated by the backyard breeder. For the last year of her life, Bella truly knew what it was to be so very much loved. Her sad eyes changed to happy eyes and her true cheeky personality started to surface. From a timid, regressive nature, a new girl emerged, thanks to her new family and fur brother. At the tender age of seven, Bella succumbed to the ravages of cancer.

There is always a time…
Motty and Bella xxx