This young westie came to us at HomeBaseWA via a veterinary hospital in Kwinana. An existing client of the practice had come across a very poorly dog wandering streets nearby. She was brought to the hospital and it was clear she was needing urgent medical attention. She had approximately ten percent fur over her body. It was the middle of winter and the good Samaritan had definitely saved this dogs life. There were no contact details, no microchip, no collar.

The vet in charge took the dog immediately, wrapped her in warmed towels and carried out a full assessment. The council rangers were notified. Due to her very poor condition the vet made the decision to keep the dog at the practice to ensure follow up care and attention in an optimal environment. The rangers viewed the dog’s condition. They agreed to have the dog remain at the practice and duration (required by law) for impounding purposes.

During first twenty four hours, the senior vet contacted us and due to our specialty of treating “allergy westies”, asked for help. This was the beginning of “Grace’s” new life of love and family.

During the week Grace stayed at the hospital, she was monitored, treated with antibiotics, washed, loved and kept warm. She was commenced on a prescription diet. We came daily and massaged her skin with pure coconut oil for 30 minutes. During the massage, masses of dead skin cells were rubbed away, leaving fresh pink patches of skin beneath. Her ears were infected and they were treated with both ointment and drops. Between 1 and 2 hours later she would have her medicated bath. When she was well enough, we would walk her gently on a lead. She loved the attention and showed all of us how much she appreciated what we were doing for her.

She had no micro-chip and no-one looked or claimed her, even though the rangers and the vet practice put the word out. If someone had come to claim this poor dog, we knew that it would be reported as a case of abuse/neglect. Without knowing who the owner was, we could do very little but wait out the impound time.

Coming to HomeBase , Grace received the same intensive care and attention. She improved daily, and her little eyes began to sparkle. Her character was starting to emerge. She fell in love with our HomeBase boys, especially Butch. (He was smitten immediately too).

Almost three weeks to the day when Grace was found, she was adopted by one of the most caring families we have ever come across here at HomeBase . Grace still didn’t have much hair, but it was a much healthier westie which was being introduced to her new home in Palm Beach.
We have the “before, during and after photos”, and they tell her story much better than I can.

To everyone concerned in caring for Grace, you are magic! You know who you all are and God Bless you for your interventions and love.

Grace before -1.jpg
Grace after her first massage and bath. Her clothing was specially made by supporters of HomeBaseWA
Grace and Toby
A good view of Grace’s skin AFTER the dead black skin had been removed. Here Toby is teaching her how to grab some extra kibble!
Grace Ears
Both ears were raw and infected.
Grace Day 1.
This is Grace on day 1. You may see some of the dead skin cells still clinging to her body. It took a week of gentle care to get it all off. No words.
Grace discharged
This was Grace on discharge from hospital. So much already done, so much to do still. Thank you to all the wonderful hospital staff!
Grace new family
One month after leaving hospital, here is Grace looking so beautiful and happy with her new family. Congratulations Grace, Margot and Gareth !


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