This beautiful boy came to live at Home Base with me for just three and half weeks in the middle of 2016.

Initially, I was contacted via Jean at Westie Walkers who had been notified that he was needing to be rehomed. As usual, I jumped at the chance to help and contacted his family for potential follow up. Many times, our Westie families are devastated to have to consider rehoming their baby. For Hamish’s family, this was doubly the case as he had long been part of a close extended family with roots to bonnie Scotland. After giving the family time to consider their decision, they brought their little man to Home Base, and he settled in very quickly, managing to enjoy playtime with my wrecking crew Toby and Butch.

An allergy sufferer, Hamish came with a few health issues. A long term ear infection/allergy was being treated with medication. Apart from this, Hamish required sterilisation before he could be rehomed. He also needed to be vet-checked and have his micro-chip recorded. I booked him in to see our resident vet Dr. Bruce Moore. Bruce was happy with Hamish’s overall condition and suspected that with a change of diet, we might see a vast improvement in his ear condition. Bruce felt there was no need to consider an ear operation at that stage. Check of the microchip showed that it was not working, so another would need to be inserted. We left to go back to Home Base, both with a lighter spring to our steps :).

With the fact that Home Base’s Toby is also an allergy sufferer, I found it easy to commence Hamish on a similar protocol. Raw kangaroo meat, minced twice, added to a small amount of raw liver and mixed with a small amount of gluten free/grain free natural dog muesli was initiated over a number of days. Glutenfree/grain free kibble was also given in small amounts. Because I am home all day on most days, the meals are split up into small, frequent amounts given between 4 to 5 x day, depending on their appetites. It didn’t take long  to start to see the difference. The inflamation in his outer ear was reducing, he no longer scratched as much. Not only did his diet change, but, he started on a new hygiene regime which saw him have frequent medicated baths, and his ears and feet were routinely treated throughout the day. This was the first time I tried Witch Hazel in a product.

Sleeping in a heated bed inside a safety crate next to my bed, Hamish relished the attention post surgery for sterilisation. My other rescues had been using the “cone collars”, but this time I decided to create a collar out of foam which Hamish wore 24/7 post-op until his sutures were removed. It worked a treat and he was unable to reach his stitches throughout and slept extremely comfortable every night.

It was not hard to find potential new families for Hamish. There were so many applying. Thank you to everyone who did apply. The lucky family who adopted Hamish have huge hearts. He has a beautiful older sister to love and play fight with.

gracie and chrissy run