This little Westie was like a lost soul!

Around three years ago, before I had found my first permanent Westie Toby, something very unusual happened and it created a lot of consternation for me.

I had been actively searching for a forever fur-friend over previous years. My heart was set on a mature Westie, but at the time I felt that would be like winning the lottery so I was looking for any pooch which fitted my needs. Small, non-shedding, attitude, etc. This particular day, I was in the kitchen cooking a spaghetti sauce. The front door was open with the door screen locked. The smell from the cooking must have been permeating out into the front yard. I was busy stirring the pot, when I heard a scratching noise coming from the front door. Not thinking twice, I walked up the hall and looked out the screen door. It is one of those screens where you can see out but those on the outside cannot see in. There was no person standing there and as I looked down, my eyes landed on a rather shabby looking, dusty coloured “Westie”! Oh My Lord,  my heart was racing and thoughts of “God has sent him to me” were racing around inside my head. I just stood there for a few moments. I couldn’t see anyone around, just this little dog trying to scratch the door open.

Well, as anyone would do, I opened the door for him. He backed away a few feet, but did not run. He stood there looking at me with his giant black eyes. He had melted my heart! His matted coat, short legs, lack of any collar, all added up to what I thought was a lost and lonely dog. Because he didn’t run, I thought “Well, if you are meant to come inside, you will”. I went back into the kitchen and took out a small piece of bacon from the fridge. That was all I had in the form of meat apart from what was hot on the stove. I crept back to the front door and popped a little bit of bacon on the door step. The little fella looked at me, then looked at the food and lo and behold he came back up to the step to grab the treat (after I moved back a metre). As I had managed to lever the screen door to stay open, I left little bits of bacon on the hallway where the little fella could see to reach them. He gingerly made his way into the hall, letting me come slowly back to him and allowed me to pat him. I left him to venture into the kitchen where he could see I was cooking. He appeared very hungry so I cooled off some of the mince sauce and gave him. He devoured it.

Over the course of the next few hours, I observed that this little guy was an entire male, dirty rough coat, no signs of injury. I put a collar and lead on him and took him for a walk around the neighbouring streets, stopping to let neighbours who were outside in their gardens know that I had found this boy at my door. They were happy to ask around to see if anyone had lost their dog. I had rung the local vets and gave details of him and booked a vet check for the next day at 1pm to search for any ID/chip. I had busily put together a found flyer and decided to print off 30 copies ready to letterbox drop in the morning.

It was late in the day, so I was pleased that I had a doggy bed amongst my doggy glory-box, and the little fella appeared relaxed enough to let me give him cuddle and fuss. He slept soundly in the doggy bed next to my bed, and my heart was jumping over 8 foot hurdles by this stage as I had honestly thought my prayers had been answered by God. My Westie had found me, not the other way around!!!

Next morning, I finished copying the found flyers, and cut them to size to fit the letter boxes. As the office is in the back of the house, I had the front door closed and locked. The little fella was close to my feet. I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door to find an elderly man standing there. In a gruff voice “You have my dog!”. “I have been crying all night”. He sounded very unhappy. I felt my heart sink a thousand metres. My dream was shattering with every word he spoke! “I do have a dog here”I replied. “He came to my house yesterday”. The man didn’t identify himself but looked past me to where his dog stood beside me. The little fella looked at him then looked up at me. I questioned the man as to whether he had any ID on his dog. He said no. What could I do? I knew in my gut that this man was the dog’s owner. Before I lifted the dog into my arms to hand him back, I said “Well it would be a good idea for you to get him microchipped at least”. He curtly replied “I can’t afford it, and anyway, he won’t be getting out again that’s for sure!”. As I handed him over, the dog looked at me with big brown eyes. With that, the man turned and walked smartly off, with his little westie under arm.

For me, this experience was the cementing of my love lust for Westies! Juddy was the final proof that showed me the right life choice had to include a Westie. In only one day, my heart had been stolen as well as broken by a chance encounter with a little dog. It made me search further and harder than I had ever done before. And, not long after this, came my one and only ………..Toby!

August 2017 – Update to Juddy’s story:

I have the happiest news to tell you…… Juddy’s owner is now a member of our local westie walking group! They come to lots of our events and we talk when we meet up. Life is so much better with a Westie 🙂 xxxx