Say hello to our special girl “Millicent”! Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Seven month old “Millie” came to Westie HomeBase WA approximately three weeks ago.

Millie1 (1)

She was returned to her breeder just a short time after being brought by her family at the age of 12 weeks. Not long after living with her new family she was found to have a degree of “Westie-Jaw”, a genetic problem in many breeds but more common in West Highland Terriers. This disorder cannot be bred out, and is very difficult to correct surgically.

Sadly the new family did not want to keep her. The breeder was happy to take Millie back.

Many affected dogs have to be put down. They cannot be bred from for obvious reasons.

Fortunately for this little pup, her breeder felt Millie was worth saving! She wanted a forever family for Millie, no matter what or how long Millie would have to enjoy her new life.

“Westie HomeBase WA” was asked to adopt the puppy, as the breeder knew we would be the ideal family for Millie. I agreed to take in Millie as one of our long term babies, and it was not a hard decision to make. Incredibly, Butch has adapted to the new family member exceptionally well! She is a bundle of fun and he is now learning to play “ruff and tumbles”.

Ongoing nursing care is necessary, along with some dietary modification. We are hoping the growth of the cranial bones will catch up with the size of her jaw. By eighteen months we should know.

After three weeks, Millie is no longer on pain medication although she is taking natural anxiety reducing drops. Welcome little angel!


Update on Millie’s progress at HomeBaseWA – 25th August 2018

Millie has now been sterilised and is progressing extremely well. We cannot feel much of a difference between her left and right mandibles. This indicates to us that with her being on a soft raw diet and getting that little bit older (she is into her ninth month), there is clear evidence of improvement in her condition.

Since she was a very young pup, she has suffered with anxiety induced “terror dream episodes”. We have tried an extensive regime of holistic treatments since her arrival at Homebase, unfortunately to no avail. Reverting to traditional anti-anxiety medication has reduced her anxiety dreams by ninety percent. She is visibly happier in herself and physically more relaxed. We hope her progress continues and that we can give her the “All Clear” sometime soon.

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