Around six years ago, whilst sailing through a miriad of online ads, I came across a “Free to a Good Home” showing a little white terrier. He wasn’t a “full” westie as such, but he showed such character, and I was desperate for someone to cuddle……..

The family who placed the ad lived in Albany at the bottom of our very large state. I didn’t care. I would have driven anywhere to find “The One”! We agreed to meet in Williams, a small Western Australian country town. This would be the midway point between where we lived. I had no hesitation and, I felt they knew that I was genuine. Driving for more than two hours, I arrived at the town and met up with Toby’s family. He had belonged to their parents, both of whom had passed away, leaving a loved pet to find a replacement “hooman”. The family wanted him to have a one to one dog owner in order to maintain his care and attention. Toby is and has always been an “allergy sufferer”.  Both Toby and I have an auto-immune disease. He does best on a gluten free, grain free diet, just like me…. !! WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER.

Deb and her babies May 2015
Toby and Bella xx

Update August 2018

It happened in May this year (May 13th 2018). My dearest, darling old boy had struggled for the past six months with old age and dementia. It was with an extremely heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to the most adorable, loving terrier of all time. At 17 =/- Toby had given so much in return for so little, except he took a big piece of Deb’s heart when he looked at her for that last time. Goodbye our old friend. Until we meet again